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-<WRAP todo centeralign hurma> **Welcome page with automated-translation links** (for the moment)</WRAP> +<WRAP todo centeralign hurma> **Welcome page with [[|automated-translation links]]** (for the moment)</WRAP>
-[{{|The junction at [[|Hawdh al-Ashraf]] in 2003 (quranic quote translated below). There, the frontline has not moved for the last seven years.}}] +
- +
-<WRAP centeralign> +
-===== Wiki map ===== +
- +
-[[| notice]] +
- +
-🚧 **[[|understand]]** 🚧 \\ +
-my research in Yemen in the 2000s. +
- +
-🚧 **[[|explore]]** 🚧 \\ +
-the history of the world in a systemic [[|cybernetic]] ) and non-culturalist approach. +
- +
-🚧 **[[|promote]]** 🚧 \\ +
-reflections for the challenges of French society and the contemporary world. +
- +
-**[[|workshop]]** (restricted access). \\ +
-[[|changelog]] +
- +
- +
-Taez is the third city in Yemen, which took the lead in the revolutionary movement in 2011 with the wave of the Arab Springs. Until then it was a quiet city, which interested little foreign researchers. I had however chosen it to carry out my research, within the framework of an anthropology curriculum started ten years earlier. +
- +
-From 2003 to 2010, I had spent there seven long immersion stays (24 months in all) - mainly in the neighborhood of Hawdh al-Ashraf, which inhabited all my thoughts. In 2011 I was in my sixth year of thesis - a thesis for which I had received encouragement from the CNRS (Michel Seurat Prize in 2009). I had sworn to myself not to return there until I had defended it, and the Revolution only strengthened my resoluteness. However I had to abandon this thesis three years later. In February 2014 I moved to Sète, to make a fresh start. In fact, I never recovered from this failure. Since 2015, the Hawdh al-Ashraf sector is crossed by a frontline. +
- +
-The objective of this wiki is to reconstruct this history, in partnership with those who made it, in order to learn all the lessons of the past two decades. +
- +
-<WRAP centeralign> +
-//"When Abraham said, "Show me, my Lord, how You revive the dead!"\\ +
-God said, "Do you not believe?"\\ +
-Abraham answered, "Yes, indeed I do believe, but just to reassure my heart."\\ +
-Then God said, "Take four birds, and train them to come back to you. Then place them separately on each hilltop, and call them: they will come flying to you. Know that God is almighty and wise."// \\ +
-(Quran 2 : [[|260 ]]//) // \\ +
-[[|Why this verse?]] +
-</WRAP> +
- +
-<wrap rightalign lo>This site is administered by [[|Mansour]] (Vincent Planel). [[|Curriculum Vitae]]\\ +
-The wiki facilitates the organization of my writing projects. Most sections are freely accessible, even during the construction phase. Any reader can leave a comment at the bottom of the pages to which he has access. If he opens an account, he can contribute to their translation. Thanks you for reading and for your contribution. +
- +
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